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About Us


We are Jenny and John Cullen.

We live in a small village "Barmedman" between West Wyolong and Temora.

This is our story:
It started at Goulburn where I was born, at the Lilac festival,October 1997. We where walking through belmore Park and we found this adorable little JRT puppy that I just had to have. We called her Princess as it was soon after Princess Di just pasted, so that was her name. We then had a need to get her a friend that we started to show as we got papers with him and we have grown from there.

We now have moved to 100 acres so we do not have a problem with noise but they are quiet most of the day until the wild live come out to play and they then start as they wont to get out of there runs to chase them...

We have titled quiet a few dogs 10 in all at this time and have 5 half way to there title.
The dog that have been sold overseas have 3 titles to there name and are doing well also producing very nice puppies.
We have puppies available most of the time and also older dogs a lot of the time as we are changing stock all the time to improve the breeding stock...

We like to breed to the Standard for the Jack Russell Terrier:

Before getting any breed of dog, it is wise to learn as much as possible about the breed. If you have the energy to keep up with the Jack Russell Terrier this may be the dog for you. Here are a few points that may help with your decision.

*If you do not have a sense of humour, you will not appreciate the Jack Russell Terrier.
*The Jack Russell Terrier's history as a fox hunter shapes its desires, its behaviour and its physique.
*The Jack Russell Terrier demands constant attention and stray if not attended to.
*If they cannot find trouble, they will make it.
*Expect a whole lot of action.
*Responsible breeders seek to create dogs that are of good attitude and temperament. Each puppy has its own personality. Work with the breeder to select a dog whose temperament matches your own.
*As tempting as it may be, do not take a puppy home before it is at least 8 weeks of age. A puppy needs time with their own mother and littermates to learn important social skills.
*Adopting an adult dog can be enormously rewarding. Through the JRTCNSW Russell rescue, many lovable dogs are placed in new homes. Also kennels need to place (see our placements page) an adult dog out to make room for younger ones. Jack Russell Terriers seem to have little trouble adopting to a new home - they're confident enough to move right in!
*Information you should read when considering adopting a Jack Russell Terrier into your home:

Shopping for a puppy
Preparing for your puppy's home coming
Training your puppy

Purchasing a Jack Russell Terrier should be carried out with a great deal of care and planning. The popularity of any breed comes and goes with time, however, a puppy should be a commitment for the life of the dog. Keep in mind that Jack Russell Terriers, if well care for and loved can live into their mid to late teens while maintaining a high level of energy and alertness. Because of this breed's zest for life, many an adult dog has been mistaken for an older puppy.

Most people are usually quite clear about their decision about wanting a pet or a show dog, but many do not fully understand the disadvantages of buying from a pet shop, puppy mill, or backyard breeder. Many of the qualities that careful breeders will chose in their effort to produce show dogs are also the same qualities you would hope to find in your pet. A Jack Russell Terrier bred from the show ring should be healthy, outgoing, stable in temperament, alert and intelligent. Keep in mind that not every puppy in a litter from two show quality parents will necessarily grow into a show quality individual. The pet puppy in a litter may fall short in some small way from being competitive in the show ring, however, most people may not even notice the fault without asking the breeder. The pet puppy has the same parents, the same excellent prenatal care, environment, socialisation and veterinary care as the one the breeder will later take into the show ring

**Preparing for your puppy's home coming.**

*Puppy proof your yard and house
*Prepare an area for toilet training
*Crate for transport and training
*Bed for puppy to sleep in
*Food for puppy (and milk)
*Toys to play with an snuggle (things to chew)
*Puppies have to start their training the minute they get home.

Jack Russell puppies are very bright, lively and intelligent individuals. For this reason if you fail to establish the house rules straight away, you may soon find that, in the absence of your rules your puppy will make his own. This is why I always recommend create training as a way of beginning to establish the rules, and to aid in the house training process. No matter how much we love our dogs and assign them all sorts of human motives and emotions, they see the world in black and white - leader

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Barmedman NSW 2668., NSW, Australia
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