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We have been associated with Jack Russells since 1997, when we got our first young puppy from Goulburn Lilac Festival. (October 1997.)
From then on our lives have not been the same. We now have more JRT's of which we Show and breed.
They are all full of fun and love to chase the rabbits and end up chasing each other.They never stop and need to be trained..


Puppy pre school is advised contact your local Vet for classes or help finding just where to go.
Jack Russell Terrier puppies are very bright, lively and intelligent individuals. For this reason if you fail to establish the house rules straight away, you may soon find that, in the absence of your rules your puppy will make his own. This is why I always recommend create training as a way of beginning to establish the rules, and to aid in the house training process. No matter how much we love our dogs and assign them all sorts of human motives and emotions, they see the world in black and white - leader and follower. One of the best things that you can do for your puppy in order for you to establish this relationship is to start with consistency in every aspect of this training.

*House training
*Crate training
*Basic obedience
*For training a pet, there are really only six basic obedience exercises to teach your dog to be really well behaved. These are the sit, the down, walking to heel, wait or stay, recall and (optional) retrieve. The training is important to the Jack Russell Terrier. They are an intelligent dog and need to be guided the right way.

Start training your dog when it is a puppy. Reinforce the behaviour you want with lots of praise or a treat.
For housetraining success, take your puppy outside when you get up, after it eats, after a play period, before bed and a few times in between.
Lots of hardy exercise will help keep behaviour problems to a minimum. A Jack Russell Terrier that gets a chance to run and explore will have less desire (and less energy) to chew up your home.
By acquainting your your Jack Russell Terrier with as many people as possible, you will teach it to accept strangers. You want your dog to be friendly, not aggressive or shy.
Remember you must establish that you are the leader of the house. If your Jack Russell Terrier displays possessiveness of an object, discourage it immediately. Cute puppy antics are no longer cute when the dog is an adult.
The tireless Jack Russell Terrier likes to play - likes to win.
Keeping your dog's vaccinations current will go far to maintain it's health. Don't neglect this extremely important aspect of caring for your Jack Russell Terrier.
The Jack Russell Terrier is a playful, exuberant dog. It is a tough terrier, very much on it's toes all the time.
The Jack Russell Terrier would not be considered by most to be a very pensive dog - nonetheless it is always thinking.


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